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September 25, 2010

It’s the weekend!  I should be getting ready to shoot a wedding tomorrow, instead I decided to do a quick weekend blog post!

My family went to Hawaii last month!  I think this trip was SO special because it was the first time our entire family including my grandma went on vacation together since middle school or high school!  On top of it, minus my sister it was the first time we’ve all been to Hawaii!  Come to think about it, it’s so weird that I’ve traveled the world, yet going to Hawaii took this long.  It’s been a month and I’m still thinking about how much fun we had.  I can’t wait for the next time I get to go!  My family even started saving money in our lil pineapple piggy bank we got from the Dole Plantation.

We only went for 3 nights, but I really packed in the activities.  I think we did almost everything most tourists do in a week in those 3 days!  And the best part…I saw a sea turtle…swimming!  It was a dream come true for me!

Also it was probably the first time I went on vacation without my DSLR!!!  *gasp*  All these images were taken using a point and shoot (Canon S90) the underwater photos were taken using the underwater housing for the S90.  I absolutely LOVE this lil camera!

A vacation just isn’t a vacation without eating a lot of great food!

It was my first time snorkeling and what’s funny is I found out I get seasick snorkeling!  I love swimming and I normally can swim for hours, but the water was pretty rough so that took a toll on me!  My sister took a bunch of the fish photos!  Some of these fish were HUUUUUUGE!

Karly LOOOOOVED swimming so much!  She had a blast just a few days shy of her 1st birthday!

We even saw a rainbow when we got to the top of the Diamond Head hike!  Too bad it wasn’t a double rainbow 😛

I was SO excited we got to see sea turtles, but one thing I didn’t realize was how big they were!  Also the water was so murky you couldn’t see if there was a turtle nearby and although it’s illegal for you to touch them, two of them swam into me!

June 04, 2009

A few weeks ago I went to Boston for almost 2 weeks to help my friends move!  It was my first time in Boston and I have to say it was a pretty awesome experience!  Although I was extremely sad to say goodbye to my friends, I’m very excited for their new life there.

I’ll have to do another “educational” post about the freedom trail because it was so awesome to see all those places we studied in school about American History!  I never thought I would be so into those educational things, but I am and I even bought the freedom trail book to refresh my memory!

I think a lot of funny things happened on this trip, partially because we were so deliriously tired and partially because we were trying to figure out what was where and had no internet.  If it wasn’t for all of our blackberries I have no idea what we would’ve done!

Let’s start at the beginning of my almost 2 weeks in Boston!

Est + Nev came from LA and I came from SF.  We met at our layover in Dallas at some super early hour like 4am!  We were TIRED!

When we arrived in Boston I thought it would be good for Nev to test “walking” around with all the luggage…just to make sure we can make it to the T =)

First time in the apartment calling family and trying to figure out where Target was

Waiting for the bus…we did a lot of waiting!

The ceiling was decorated with pizza pans!

We would’ve been so lost without our trusty crackberries

Went to a cute cafe/bookstore for some free internet to search for Ikea furniture…yes we were all very very tired!  This is also where we found out Ikea charges a ridiculous amount to ship furniture to your home.  It’s much cheaper to rent a truck/van and get it yourself!

Newbury St. – Did I mention in the time I was there we experienced rain, sun, wind, thunderstorms, everything except snow!

One of the funniest things we did was bring a chair from Urban and take it on the T to bring it back to the apartment.  Poor Neville…abuse!

The next day we woke up to beautiful weather!

Aren’t the cherry blossoms beautiful?!

Wow I look so much smaller O_o

A view of Boston from The Top Of The Hub

This post is becoming super lengthy  so I’ll pick up next time with Jamie’s visit!

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