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March 01, 2010

As I travel back in time to 2 years ago (I know…these photos are OLD!)  I had the opportunity to go take photos inside the Grand Canyon West.

Long story short my parents friends hooked me up with a photographer from Korea who was coming to photograph the canyon for a book.  So here I was off to the Grand Canyon in freezing cold February weather!

Well as you can guys know I’m not a landscape photographer.  I photograph people and my dogs!  I can say it was a very different experience and I now have a much higher appreciation for landscape photographers.  I’m always in awe when I see those breathtaking photographs, but I just didn’t think about what went into getting that shot.

First of all I had to wake up at the crack of dawn.  Wait let me rephrase that…BEFORE the crack of dawn because we had to off road to some remote location so he could get that shot he wanted.  Second you have to be in good shape because lord knows I ended up on all sorts of ledges and high perches….and last you have to have a lot of patience!  Sometimes things just don’t go as planned, mother nature doesn’t quite care about your plans =P  Also I wasn’t used to having to carry and use a tripod the entire day!!!

I took these photos with my Nikon D70 and whatever kit lens it came with!  This trip was before I got all my fancy equipment and lenses!  Actually after this trip I was wondering why there were so many specks on my photos and realized I needed to get my sensor cleaned (oops!)  Which is another reason it took so long for me to get to these photos, I just didn’t want to deal with removing all those specks!!!!  I wish I could have a “do over” with these photos!  I think if I went now, I would be able photograph it with a much more knowledgeable eye!

What struck me was that the Grand Canyon West was so remote and quiet!!!  Our guide told us they have to use satellite phones because there’s no cell reception on the reservation.  Also it’s hard to see in these photos, but the canyon is so immense!  It’s hard to believe this is only a small part of the entire canyon!  I felt like such a tiny ant.  Seriously without the guide we would’ve had to bust out some survivorman moves!


The Empty Highway

Diamond Peak and contrary to what you see this was taken BEFORE sunrise!

The sun rising

They looked so cute

Another angle of Diamond Peak

Colorado River

We had to do some climbing for this one….

It doesn’t look like it, so I’m really glad I got this shot to show perspective of how high we climbed!

Mr. Photographer from Korea


The End.

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