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November 02, 2010

Cole and Bianca contacted me to shoot their Orange County engagement session + wedding! They specifically asked to have a very fun, not too lovey dovey engagement session. They were actually saving their first real kiss for their wedding day, which I witness & photographed and it went flawlessly!!!!! I love the vibe of this session and I think it really fit their personalities perfectly!

Yes…they climbed up this giant orange tree….! I was praying they wouldn’t fall off!

The spot where they had their DTR (define the relationship for those who don’t know what it means) ūüôā So cute!

Can’t wait to blog their beautiful wedding soon!

September 01, 2010

Happy September!!!

I grew up in the Bay Area, but I actually never set foot on the Berkeley campus until this engagement session!!!¬† I know, you would think coming from a Korean family my parents would’ve made me go on a campus tour when I was five, but they really didn’t care and let me find myself on my own!

I love this campus!¬† How fitting was it to do their session here since it is Jenny’s alma mater and Abe frequently drove over a hour several times a week to visit her.¬† He once said he drove there twice in a day which basically meant 4 trips back and forth!¬† That’s love and a lot of bridge tolls!

Jenny was an art major so we visited her old building!

So silly!

I loved this cool wall they had there!

If you know Jenny she LOVES food! She introduced me to this delicious goodness in the form of an apple cloud. So yummy!

We made it just in time to catch this one last picture at Treasure Island!

I can’t wait to photograph your wedding this Saturday!

July 23, 2010

How cool is it to have a parking lot practically to yourself?!?!  I love this pic!

I love how Dave proposed to Yuli using the iPod!

June 03, 2010

Sometimes when I meet with clients I click with them right away. Ailed + Zac were one of those couples. We sat and chatted forever and I felt like they were old friends! I had a awesome time with Ailed + Zac doing this casual engagement session. We thought the weather was going to be amazing, but it quickly turned into a cold and windy afternoon. They were troopers! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding in August!


October 05, 2009

Charlotte and Phillip are such an awesome couple. ¬†I love hearing stories of my clients. ¬†It’s funny how love can find each other from across the world. ¬†Although they’re both originally from Hong Kong, they met each other when they ended up at the same college in Boston. ¬†They’ve been together since college and both moved out to California where the weather is more forgiving =)

They’re getting married in Hong Kong, but I was excited to be able to do their engagement shoot! ¬†Again I can’t emphasize enough how windy it is all the time at the beaches in NorCal!!!! ¬†I’m just happy we were able to find little nooks where we could escape!

I need to mention how much I loved Charlotte’s hair! ¬†Her make up artist did it in a way she had a updo at first and in the car she just took it out to have her hair long! ¬†I thought it was so clever how she could have two different hairstyles in one session!!! ¬†If you want the make up artists info here it is! ¬†Stephanie Lau¬†

Now onto the photos!


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