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December 22, 2009

Hi Everyone! I’ve been in Korea for about a month now and I have a month left of my vacation! I’ve had quite the adventure so far! A few days after arriving I ended up getting swine flu!!! And most recently I ended up getting the stomach flu! How come it’s always when you travel you end up getting sick?! I was so careful about washing my hands, avoiding people who are coughing, taking my vitamins, etc etc etc. But I guess my immune system is horrible, or the flu is just a lot stronger in Korea!

Well in-between being sick I’ve been able to see a lot of cool things and even saw it snow twice!!!!! Since I didn’t update for so long there are SO MANY photos!!!! I thought it would be fun to mix it up and use Poladroids. This is the most awesome program ever! It’s completely free and it makes your photos look so fun! Enjoy my first month in Korea!

For those curious all these photos are a mix from my dslr, point & shoot, and blackberry! Yes my blackberry works in Korea and it’s so awesome!

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