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May 26, 2009

Hi!  Welcome to my brand spankin’ new blog!  I’m super excited to be able to start a new journey here.  Don’t worry my old blog still exists so if you’re bored you can head over there to take a look.  [Old Blog]

For my first post I wanted to share a very special bridal session I did a few months back!  We decided to do a little bridal session since Esther’s beautiful dress was just hanging out all lonely in her room after her wedding.  Since her wedding photos was more urban/modern, we decided to go the complete opposite way and head out to take some photos in nature.  I had such a huge blast and even got to play around with some off camera lighting.  This just proves you can never have TOO many photos of yourself in your wedding dress!

I hope you guys like my new blog, the new photos, and don’t be shy!  Say hi and tell me a lil about yourself!













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