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February 25, 2010

It’s already been 6 months since my niece was born!  Time really does fly by.  She’s so big now!  When I first held her I was scared I would hold her the wrong way or drop her, but now that tiny fragile newborn turned into a baby.  No more am I worried about am I supporting her neck, am I holding her right, but now it’s trying to keep her curious little hands off of everything!  She has quite a personality and knows how to express herself.  She reaches and grabs (don’t forget scratches!!!)  She cries when something doesn’t go her way or if we take away a toy.  She ‘s been crawling….backwards for several months!  She laughs and plays with you.  She even started eating solids (avocado was her first).

I’m amazed as I see in 6 months how my niece has grown and I can’t believe in such a short period of time how much babies develop and learn!

She smiles just like her mom does!  With rainbow eyes!

Loves playing in her Baby Einstein

Toby is always close by

After bath time her hair is usually pretty wild!

Mommy + Baby at the 6 month check up where the doctor told us she’s advanced in motor skills, but we already knew that!  Karly’s been lifting up her head since she was a few hours old and everything else according to the baby books happened 2-4 weeks earlier!

And my absolute FAV!
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