December 02, 2011

I first heard of April & Brian when some of my dearest friends started doing youth ministry at Newsong with them. When April officiated the wedding of my friends that’s when I first got to chat with her and I could see why they were so in love with her. She just has this amazing personality that grabs your attention.

It was through Newsong that I heard about their life journey. Having struggled with infertility and trying for years to start a family.  The road to starting a family can be rough for so many and can bring pain, suffering and tears . And then they had a shift in their thinking and their plan. Maybe God’s Plan A wasn’t for them to have their own biological children, but to adopt. That started another new and amazing story; the adoption of their two beautiful children from Ethiopia. I couldn’t help but follow them in their journey as I was utterly captivated.

Once they brought their kids home I knew I wanted to be part of their journey as well. I offered them a portrait session because my heart longed to be part of their story. I wanted to be able to capture their life at that moment as a new family of 4.

Well if I had blogged this session a long time ago when I took these portraits that would have been a lovely end, but now their story gets even sweeter. Just this week April announced that she is expecting!!! I couldn’t be happier for them!

If you want to be encouraged please visit their blog. I promise their story is quite amazing!
Plan A : Ethiopia

This is the bench where April came to pray monthly for 3 years as she struggled with starting a family. It was amazing to be able to place her family on this very spot and see it come full circle. 

Meet Judah!

Meet Addise!

Absolutely loved her necklace! A heart for Africa.

A photo of Addise to celebrate turning 1 in her traditional Ethiopian dress!

Last but not least, the loving parents. So happy and so excited for you guys as you become a family of 5!!!!








October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

These pics are cute overload!!!! Cute kids, cute costumes, and pumpkins!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. A few months after my niece was born I made her into sushi and yes that’s a real platter. I can’t believe she was so small at one point!

And last year she was a flower (excuse my blurry phone photo)

This year she’s….a COW! Mooooooooooooooo!

On Saturday we went to Arata’s Pumpkin Farm. It was Karly’s first time at a pumpkin farm and she had a blast!

Seriously how CUTE are these two?!?!?!

CJ the monkey & Karly the cow!

Ladybug, Monkey, Cow!

Karly’s been taking photos with my iPhone and sometimes she actually gets some good ones! Budding photographer!!!

Looking at a spider.

Olive the ladybug!

How cute are these two?!?!?! They kept holding hands all day!

Taking a little stroll in the corn field together.

The farm had this huge maze that we decided to try. It took 5 adults, 2 kiddies, & 1 baby 45 minutes to complete it!

We really wanted to find the Minotaur so we could get the golden pumpkin! Karly was terrified of the Minotaur! So sad, but she was happy with her golden pumpkin!

Still in the maze!

Pony ride!

Choo Choo!!!

A beautiful sunset in Half Moon Bay

 How cute are they doing the same exact pose!

Have a safe Halloween everyone!


October 07, 2011

If you guys don’t know by now I absolutely love Disneyland! When I lived in Southern California I had an annual pass and went about 55 times in one year! No joke!!! I have so many fond memories of Disneyland, one of which was my friend proposing to one of my besties. I get giddy every time I start to smell the kettle corn and hear the happy music. I just want to skip all the way to the ticketing gate. I guess I’m a total sucker for the “happiest place on earth.”

Well Adriane & Sean have an even more magical story. Adriane and her family are true Disneyland lovers; having had annual passes forever. They even have a family brick out in the front where the ticketing gates are. It was only appropriate that Adriane met Sean, a chef at Disneyland!

When they asked me to do their engagement session at Disneyland how could I say no?! Little did we know it would be the first day of spring break for Southern California, so I have to admit it was a bit tricky with the amount of people we surprisingly encountered on a weekday! All in all I think we had a lot of fun for this shoot!

Zina and I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this weekend!


September 30, 2011

Happy Friday! I thought it would be appropriate to share a funny little post before the weekend. I posted Shannon & Terry’s engagement session awhile ago here, but what I didn’t post was their hilarious gingerbread costume! I couldn’t post these photos before because it was going to be a surprise for their wedding guests, but since their amazing wedding has come and gone I’m allowed to share these now!

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at an engagement session in my life. The second Terry put on that costume all I could do was burst out in laughter. We even had some strangers do a drive by and photograph Terry!


September 30, 2011

I love photographing baby sessions! Mix in your furry little friend and I’m in heaven!

Meet Dumbledore!

Meet sweet baby Aria!

Meet the fam!

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