June 26, 2013

A few weeks ago, Jason contacted me to tell me he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend of 6 years, whom he has known since junior high. That first sentence already captured my heart. His plan was to propose to her at Dolores Park where they took their first trip together and where he knew she was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He also wanted a few close friends to be present and surprise his girlfriend, Sunmee right after the proposal.

Of course, I was all for this and wanted to be part of it! The only problem was, Jason and his girlfriend aren’t from the Bay Area and hadn’t been to Dolores Park in years. Since their first trip the park had gone through some renovations. We actually weren’t sure the bench he had been talking about still existed. I went to scout out the location and was elated to find the bench existed! I took some photos, drew all over them and helped create “The Plan.” The trickiest part of this was I had no idea what Jason and Sunmee looked like as I was going off of a photo he sent to me!

The day of the proposal I headed over and secured the bench. Jason & Sunmee’s friends showed up and we essentially took that bench hostage. At one point we asked a random couple if they would be willing to sit on the bench, and when Jason and Sunmee approached, to just casually get up and leave (sooooo smooth, right?)

Jason proposed overlooking San Francisco, she said yes!, their friends ran out from behind a tree to surprise them and the entire secret proposal was a success!



Jason & Sunmee’s friends waiting.

The couple we enlisted to save the bench for us + hiding behind a tree.











Nothing like a little Tartine to help celebrate!








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November 13, 2012

Charlotte & Phillip first came to me three years ago when they did an engagement session. Since they got married in Hong Kong they wanted to have some more photos in their wedding attire that would be different from their actual wedding day. A few months ago they contacted me wanting to do a day after session, so we headed over to Napa for a quick trip to grab these stunning portraits. Napa never fails! It was also cute that strangers would congratulate the “newlyweds” although they’ve been married for a few years!

The weather was amazing and the flowers were blooming. I honestly could not have asked for better conditions. I probably could have stayed in that little field a l l  d a y  l o n g. It was just that gorgeous!

Hair & Bouquet – Stephanie Lau (kawaiinee@yahoo.com)

November 09, 2012

Ever since I moved back to the Bay Area, I have found myself at quite a few Giants games! Honestly, I’m a little surprised myself, as I don’t think I’ve ever felt extremely attached to any type of sport. As I type this, I’m laughing a little at the fact that somehow over the past few years, I’ve ended up falling in love with them so much that they warrant their own blog post! There’s something really special about going to a Giants game though. You just feel the energy of all the fans and get excited yourself, not to mention AT&T Park is beautiful and if that isn’t enough…they have great food! Garlic fries, crab sandwich, nachos, caramel popcorn, or strawberry shortcake anyone?!

How can you not love a view like this?
(Taken from inside AT&T Park)

I need to give a special shout-out to Lezlee, who may be the biggest Giants fan I know and who also introduced me to all the perks of going to Giants games…club level 😛

A few more photos (all taken with my iPhone 4) of games I went too.
I have a quite a few #sfgiants hashtags on my instagram feed! Off topic, but instagram now has profiles! I kind of love it.

There are a lot of cool things to look at in the club level. Also, they have amazing caramel popcorn!

This season was pretty memorable as I was there for Matt Cain’s perfect game!

What’s funny is I NEVER take these photos when they come around asking, but for some reason, that day we decided to let them.


Can you believe that they estimated 1 million people came out to watch the parade?!?!

(All photos taken with a Fuji x100)

There were so many people! I’m surprised the top of the bus stops as well as garbage cans and light poles could hold so many people.

Go Giants!!!

And I’m off to LA for a super quick trip to photograph a wedding this weekend!

November 07, 2012

I think I need to start prefacing blog posts with something like FTV (from the vault) for all the shoots I’m about to upload that have just been on my “to do” list for months. Ok, I lie, for over a year! It’s been awhile and a lot has changed in my life, which I will share later, but I’ve been itching to give my blog some loving!

It was my first time shooting at The Mountain Winery and I am in love with this venue. What makes this venue different is that they use it for concerts also! Shannon & Terry’s wedding had a lot of personal touches, but what I remember and felt the most was how much they both love their friends and family.

A huge thank you to my sister Zina, who was my assistant for this wedding!

Ceremony Venue – The Mountain Winery
Reception Venue – Pampas
Makeup for Bride – Christina Chen
Hair for Bride – Irene Byon
Hair for Bridesmaids – Carol Lee Shin
Videographer – Alven Shen (You can see his teaser video here)
Florist – Rita Tseng of Village Flower Shoppe

This flower girl had a bit of a meltdown, but it was SO adorable!!!

Remember the gingerbread man from their engagement session? Well, he made another debut at the wedding. Shannon had to guess which one was her husband by how he danced!


January 25, 2012

I typically don’t like to post two family sessions back to back, but I couldn’t help myself because I just wanted to share these images! I’m beginning to really  love doing family sessions. I think back at how often my own family has said “Oh! We need to take another family photo!” yet we tend to make up excuses; when I lose 5 more pounds, when I grow out my hair, when I have more time. And then years go by and now we’ve missed many opportunities, sadly sometimes even family members and we can’t help regret wishing we did take that photo. I’m realizing more how much I cherish capturing these moments for my clients.

Meet the gorgeous Curtis family! Their two daughters Meryn + Lyvia are the cutest ever! Sean is the pastor at GRX SF a church in the Mission in SF and Kerry cooks the most delicious food! I really hope you guys had as much fun being photographed as I had photographing you!


Can these two be any more precious?

I love the next set of photos. I feel like it shows their personalities so well! Meryn is totally free spirited and adventurous whereas Lyvia is a little more shy and reserved.

They were pros by the end of the shoot!

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