July 26, 2013
My Current Obsessions - 7/26/2013

A few of my current obsessions:

1. Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker /// I’ve had this for over a month and only have 4 friends on it, but oddly it motivates me. It’s basically a glorified pedometer and it tracks how many “stories” you climb. Every 10 feet of elevation equals 1 story. This past Tuesday I got my all time best.  22, 451 steps in one day which equals to 10.02 miles! Don’t even know how I did that on a school night.

2. MANATEA Infuser /// Just look at this!!! How could I resist?!?!?! Also it’s really easy to clean up which makes me even happier.

3. David’s Tea – Organic Cream of Earl Grey /// This tea is absolutely delicious. I can’t get enough of it. If you like Earl Grey, this a a must try.

4. Starbucks’s Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade /// Tried it this week and had it twice already. Enough said.

5. KT Tape /// I’m getting old. Things are starting to hurt and fall apart. I tried to run this week for the first time in months and turns out my shin splints still hurt and so does my knee. I figured I might as well try this. I was skeptical, but it works!!!! The problem I have is…everything hurts so my legs look like they’re covered in tape.

6. The Giant Run 10k /// My first 10k! I hate running, but I bought my friend’s bib off of her and now here I am. It’s 9 days before the race I think I can slowly jog 3 miles. At this rate, my goal is to finish the race in under 2 hours. I’m contemplating jogging 1 mile and walking 5. Come to mama Serigo Romo bobblehead!

7. Ted Baker London ‘Bow Crystal – Small’ Wallet /// Sometimes you buy something that is completely unnecessary and you agonize for a week if you should keep it or return it. This was that purchase. Hello, it’s covered in a french bulldog lining…couldn’t give it up.

Have a great weekend!


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