November 09, 2012

Ever since I moved back to the Bay Area, I have found myself at quite a few Giants games! Honestly, I’m a little surprised myself, as I don’t think I’ve ever felt extremely attached to any type of sport. As I type this, I’m laughing a little at the fact that somehow over the past few years, I’ve ended up falling in love with them so much that they warrant their own blog post! There’s something really special about going to a Giants game though. You just feel the energy of all the fans and get excited yourself, not to mention AT&T Park is beautiful and if that isn’t enough…they have great food! Garlic fries, crab sandwich, nachos, caramel popcorn, or strawberry shortcake anyone?!

How can you not love a view like this?
(Taken from inside AT&T Park)

I need to give a special shout-out to Lezlee, who may be the biggest Giants fan I know and who also introduced me to all the perks of going to Giants games…club level 😛

A few more photos (all taken with my iPhone 4) of games I went too.
I have a quite a few #sfgiants hashtags on my instagram feed! Off topic, but instagram now has profiles! I kind of love it.

There are a lot of cool things to look at in the club level. Also, they have amazing caramel popcorn!

This season was pretty memorable as I was there for Matt Cain’s perfect game!

What’s funny is I NEVER take these photos when they come around asking, but for some reason, that day we decided to let them.


Can you believe that they estimated 1 million people came out to watch the parade?!?!

(All photos taken with a Fuji x100)

There were so many people! I’m surprised the top of the bus stops as well as garbage cans and light poles could hold so many people.

Go Giants!!!

And I’m off to LA for a super quick trip to photograph a wedding this weekend!


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