February 25, 2010

I literally have several thousands of photos I took during my 2 months in Korea.  There’s so many I want to share, but I don’t want to overwhelm everyone so I’ll just be splitting them up and adding them to my blog when I have a chance.  These photos were taken in early to mid December before all the crazy snow!  So get ready for some awesome snow pics in my next entry!

I have a thing with going to high places to take in the view.  I love it!  I was actually afraid of heights for a period of my life, but now there’s something so awesome about going up high and getting an unobstructed view!

In my search for awesome views of Seoul I asked my cousin if he knew any places really high up and we snuck up to the top of a building!  Totally worth it!

Namsan Tower

One day after eating sushi with my cousin we ended up at a playground in Hongdae.  We thought it would be fun to go on the merry go round to take some pics, but seriously in order to get this photo I thought I was going to throw up!!!!  The things we do to get a fun photo!

I went to this cool place north of Seoul called Heyri.  They have really awesome art there and an English Village.

The view from this mountain near my cousins place.  Next 2 photos taken with my point and shoot.

In Seoul there’s Seoul Tower also known as Namsan Tower.  It’s huge so you can’t miss it no matter where you are in Seoul.  As I was up there I couldn’t believe so many people lived in such a small amount of space!  It’s pretty apparent when all you see are tall buildings everywhere and you’re bumping into every other person on the street!

All these couples come to Namsan Tower and attach a lock.  There are so many locks up there now it’s insane!

Covered in locks!!!!!

View from the top!  I’m so happy I went on a clear day!


Hyatt Hotel in Itaewon.  That’s one huge hotel!


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