September 03, 2009

Where have I been?!  It’s been a busy month for me and I’m preparing for an even busier September!  Like always I’m behind on blogging, but I’m setting a goal for myself to really work hard to blog as much as possible!  So hopefully you guys will see multiple entries per week now!

What’s all this about falling in love you ask.  No I’m not getting married, but I can now tell you what it feels like to instantly fall in love with someone.  My niece was born on August 19.  They say parents fall in love with their baby from the moment he/she is born, I can tell you that feeling extends to grandparents and even aunts.  I’m sure the level of love my sister feels for her daughter is so much higher, but in that moment the world stopped, my heart stopped as I saw my niece for the first time.

This is Karly  moments after birth.  I honestly thought she would look a lot more wrinkly and squished rather than a cute alert baby!

The happy mom + baby

She’s so tiny!  She had so much hair we could already put a ribbon on her hair within a few hours!


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