July 02, 2009

I was beyond thrilled when Angela + Sam hired me to shoot their wedding!  There’s something so special when your own friends trust you with one of the most memorial events in their lives.  I’ve known them since my freshman year at UCI and can’t be more happy for them!

They flew me out and we had a great time frolicking around San Juan Capistrano and Crystal Cove with them!  We had a minor glitch when we found out we weren’t allowed to shoot inside the mission at San Juan Capistrano without a permit, but we still had an amazing time walking around and getting some awesome shots!  I even tried a date shake at the Shake Shack in Crystal Cove.  Who would’ve thought a shake made out of dates could actually taste good!  I cannot wait until November for your big day!

Probably one of my favs from the day!

Indeed, life is beautiful!

I promise, I don’t force my clients to jump…they always ask me for this pic!  I think everyone practices because I know I can’t jump this high!


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