June 01, 2009

Awhile back I had written about how I photographed this couple in hurricane like winds.  Well I was mistaken because I photographed the Jacobs family in even more hurricane force winds!  It was almost ridiculous how windy and cold it was that day although the sun was shining!!!  Next time I need to video a part of the session to give you guys a idea of the weather!  No one believes me when I tell them I photographed in crazy wind!  I gave them the option to reschedule, but they were real troopers.  I feel like all my clients end up working hard for their photos, but they always end up looking good!

The Jacobs family originally contacted me to do a senior session for Laura who graduated from college a few weeks ago, but in the end decided it would be fun to get the entire family including the dogs photographed!

Congrats Laura on graduating!!!

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